YNTP-60BFZ 1.6 Bar Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge 65mm Pointer Pressure Gauge

February 16, 2022
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MC YNTP-60BF diaphragm-seal pressure gauge stainless steel pressure gauge


Health/stainless steel shell type diaphragm pressure gauge organic glass panel .To use and affordable, inner ring MPa outer ring BarHydraulic pressure hydraulic oil pressure pneumatic one table is multi-purpose

Pressure gauge has the function of real-time monitoring is widely used, can use a table, its performance is stable and reliable, durable, simple installation, easy to use. In petroleum, chemical, medical, laboratory, metallurgy and other industrial enterprises and has been widely applied on the mechanical and electrical equipment. Pressure gauge refers to elastic element as the sensitive element, measure and instructions above environmental pressure meter, the application, in general, it almost throughout all of the industrial process and research fields. In the heat pipe network, oil and gas transmission, water supply, gas supply system, vehicle maintenance shop, etc can be seen everywhere. Especially in the process of industrial process control and technology measure, due to the pressure gauge elastic sensitive element has high mechanical strength and production is convenient wait for a characteristic, make the pressure gauge to get more and more widely used.


Description: Suitable for vibration and pulsation work environment. Mainly used in circuit board etching machine, electroplating equipment, surface treatment equipment, chemical engineering. With strong acid, strong alkali fluid occasions.




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